Kevin German


Greetings! I'm a passionate individual with a master's degree in Design and Future Making, complemented by a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on AI. My pursuits revolve around the fascinating convergence of second-order cybernetics, design, computer science, and distinctions.
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My computer science background spans from low-level C/C++ programming to high-level frameworks like PyTorch, enabling me to seamlessly blend theory with practical implementation.

In the realm of Future Making and Philosophy, I specialize in radical constructivism and second-order cybernetics a unique perspective that explores how our personal realities are constructed. This intriguing concept intertwines with my computer science and design foundation, sparking innovative ideas at the intersection of these fields.

Beyond academics, I actively participate in interdisciplinary art exhibitions and hold a deep passion for literature, enriching my creative approach. My specialization in laws of form drives my exploration of the underlying distinctions that shape society, the world, design, and art.