Brainwaves to Art

February 2020

This application can algorithmically convert brain waves into real-time art. For this purpose, algorithms in the field of signal processing were developed for a commercial electroencephalogram to process the raw data, obtain the frequency bands (alpha, beta, theta, etc.) as well as the origin of the brainwaves in real-time, and then transform them into dynamically generated art. screenshot of generated image This project is intended to represent an antipode of the reductionist neurosciences, by using their tools not to degrade subjective aesthetic experiences to their mere brain processes, but rather, to emerge aesthetic experiences from their brain processes in a complex reciprocal interaction of feedback loops. After a period of training, most of the test subjects were able to dynamically change the art with their thoughts. A total of six different algorithmic interpretations were developed, which differ in the interpretation of the brain waves.