DNA Synthesizer

July 2020

Listen to the pure information of any kind of DNA interpreted as a piece of music. This web app was developed to allow you to rise above being a determined product of DNA and be an interpreter and composer converting our biological blueprint into a piece of music.

dna synthesizer screenshot Furthermore, instead of always reading dry words and structural formulas when dealing with biology, it would be interesting to listen to soulful sounds that have their origin in the blueprint of life. Not everybody understands structural formulas, but everybody understands music, even if this understanding is not rational, but rather sensual.

You can combine different instruments with each other, thus creating orchestral pieces. With a little sensitivity, you can even get musical experiences out of pathogens, like HIV or COVID-19. Through artistic interpretations of (one's own) DNA, man freely defines its meaning. Contrary to fixed value judgements such as good or bad, high or low, proficient or lazy, he distances himself, places himself as an interpreter and no longer as a determined, transparent product and thus as an individual above this sequence of elements. He becomes more than the sum of his bases.