Keimzellen A.K.T

July 2020

In the 2020 exhibition, titled "Keimzellen," the focus was on the core of reproduction - germ cells. These cells play a crucial role in embryo formation and fundamental growth, laying the groundwork for life itself. The exhibition explored the essence of life, the interactions that enable growth, and the transformative power of shifts in perspective and perception. It delved into patterns that emerge and how we perceive them. The exhibition aimed to synchronize the rhythms of biological and technological developments holistically. Through interdisciplinary insights, it proposed an expanded understanding of risk traits and their patterns of emergence. The exhibition showcased symbiotic relationships between narratives, biology, synthetic beings, and cellular automata. These novel symbiotic connections served as new germ cells, unlocking fresh insights that prompted further questions, dialogues, and research. The seeds were planted, and growth ensued. Giuseppe Arcimboldo - Water - WGA00829 Just as Giuseppe Arcimboldo's "Water" demonstrates the human capacity to discern elements within complexity, the interdisciplinary showcase in 2020 extends this notion by fostering symbiotic connections between narratives, biology, synthetic beings, and cellular automata. In doing so, the exhibition not only reaffirms our inherent pattern recognition abilities but also propels them into uncharted territories, opening doors to novel insights and fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay between unity and distinction across various domains.