Ringing Image

July 2018

A digital image is first of all that: digital. A sequence of binary distinctions, which has nothing inherent except that binary distinctions may or may not be followed by further binary distinctions. That we can call something digital, an image is because a technical device in interplay with us gives these distinctions an interpretation. As Bateson has well recognized, information is nothing else than a difference that generates another difference. In the above case, the digital differences generate further differences through a multitude of interpretations (signal processing, analog-to-digital converters, etc.) until they are finally made recognizable to us as an image on a display or through ink on a sheet of paper.

But there is no reason not to create other forms of differences based on the digitally available data, and this is where the project comes in. It gives the digital image another interpretation, namely an auditory one. The data processing was implemented in C++, the interface in Java.