March 2021

The exhibition »SENSEMAKING« transported its visitors beyond the mundane, showcasing how ambiguity transforms into profound understanding. Through the installations and thought-provoking exhibits, the magic of sensemaking was unraveled. Attendees discovered how words, artifacts, and tangible encounters converged to inspire decisive actions and revelations, defying the conventional notions of truth. Sensemaking exhibition At the heart of the exhibition was the exploration of situations that defy simple comprehension. "Sensemaking" illuminated the process by which the bewildering becomes coherent. By eloquently conveying scenarios through words, artifacts, and tactile experiences, the exhibition illustrated the potent ability to turn complexity into clarity. Sensemaking exhibition "Sensemaking" invited each guest on a personal quest for insight. The exhibits ignited introspection and dialogue, leaving indelible marks on those who experienced its magic. The exhibition's enchantment lingered, prompting a fresh perspective on the world—a world woven together by threads of understanding and enigma.