Sorting Visualization

June 2018

Sorting is one of the most important tasks in computer science. Whenever you want to search efficiently in large amounts of data, the data should be sorted. Google organizes websites for fast access, on shopping websites you can sort results by any criteria and the whole backend of the internet with its various databases uses sorting for fast data access. There are countless sorting algorithms with specific advantages and disadvantages, all of which are objects of research in theoretical computer science. app screenshot This project allows to visualize, compare and evaluate different sorting algorithms ranging from Introsort over Cyclesort up to Quicksort in real-time and in various scenarios. With the help of freely configurable parameters, different scenarios can be easily tested. For example, the number of available threads can be varied, or the copying and comparison effort can be adjusted. All sorting algorithms have been self-developed in modern, high-performance C++ and can be used as C++ templates freely for other projects if desired.