VDID Congress - Intelligenz der Zukunft

November 2019

The talk at the VDID (Association of German Industrial Designers) in 2019 delved into the rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound impact. The utilization of AI posed a significant challenge, as it questioned the existing fabric of our lives. The question of whether artificial intelligence would eventually rival human intelligence was raised.

Amidst the technological advancements brought by the digital revolution, new perspectives emerged that expanded the traditional understanding of design and introduced fresh demands on industrial design. Central to this evolution was the concept of Human-Centered Design. The talk pondered who held the authority to shape the future of human-machine interaction.

Designers found themselves shaping processes and products that integrated AI. They were crafting usage concepts for upcoming generations. The discourse revolved around the influence of designers on the socio-cultural, ecological, and economic challenges of the future. In essence, the conversation explored how designers wielded their power to steer the course of the future amidst the intricate interplay of technology and human society. Photo of the vdid conference